Does your SaaS Agreement Encourage Low-Friction Deals? Is it Tailored to the Service you Provide?

SaaS services require a substantially different customer agreement than on premise software. In a SaaS environment you control the code so issues like defining the scope of your service, customer support, license model, data security and limitations of liability are far more important than ensuring a customer uses more IP than they have licensed.

Good, low-friction SaaS templates tailor these terms to your service, anticipated customer demands and allocation of business risk. For example, a license for gaming software that does not store personal identifying information (PII) will focus far less on privacy, security and limitations of liability than a license for budgeting software that stores financial data and PII.

Let Us Create and Then Negotiate Your Custom SaaS Agreement

These core terms (and others) in your SaaS template can and should be tailored to your SaaS service. We are expert at this, will ask the right questions to get you there and then help you negotiate appropriate risk and reward with customers and vendors.

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